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  1. Maintenance and Modifications
    I can't find anything useful on the web...just found this forum. 2014 r1200GS, 18K miles. I am experiencing somerough shifting--not horrible but takes a bit more foot pressure and there is the occasional very slight grind feel/sound. First, is this a sign of something specific or should I just...
  2. Maintenance and Modifications
    Good day mates, by chance you know what measure is the nut of the oil pressure / temperature sensor, or the die that is used to remove it, is located near the oil gauge. My bike is r1200gs 2005 V. ZR22339 Thanks.
  3. Maintenance and Modifications
    Hi all, Just bought a 2009 R1200GS with ~68,000 miles on it. Rode it for a few hours on day one, discovered an oil leak on the ground a few days later. It drips pretty quickly when the bike is running from the point where the rear shock and the FD meet. Any ideas?
  4. Maintenance and Modifications
    Hi, I'm new to these Boxer engines (been all Japanese in line 4's up until now) and when changing a plug the other day I noticed oil in the ignition coil chamber. Any chance it's normal for these engines to discharge a small bit of oil here, or am I in trouble? It's an '06 R1200GS. Thanks.
  5. Maintenance and Modifications
    Good day all. I serviced my bike a 2006 GSA. I filled 4 Liters of oil, the sight glass was filled above the red line. I’ve ridden the bike today and there is oil coming from the cylinder head. Can this be due to over filling the oil?
  6. Maintenance and Modifications
    Hey folks, new member, not new rider, First off before anyone gets testy, this isn't a question about which oil is better etc., --> I've been a committed Motul 300V user for some decades now (mainly Japanese inline 4's), so this definitely isn't THAT kind of question . . . I have two different...
  7. Maintenance and Modifications
    Hey guys! New around here! A couple of months ago I bought my first BMW motorcycle, a 2013 K25 with 14,000kms (8,750 miles) single owner who happened to be a close friend, great maintenance history, and I have absolutely loved the bike!! The bike was well cared for, had no off road miles on it...
  8. Maintenance and Modifications
    Hi all New to the forum so i'm not sure if this needs to be here but.. I have a problem with the oil on my 2008 R1200GS. When ever i do a long ride the oil its showing the its OK, then when i do a short ( city ) ride the oil is showing _ _ _ _ sign. It seems like its always changing from Oil...
1-8 of 8 Results