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  1. R1200GS Adventure Wallpapers

    R1200GS Adventure Wallpapers

  2. Wallpaper

    General chatter
    This is my bike and my wallpaper on PC. I could'nt find a good wallpaper so I decide to make one. Please share your favorite wallpapers.
  3. Give Me Eh Brake

    Maintenance and Modifications
    Hey, everyone. I am a new BMW owner well I had an old r100 many moons ago. I recently purchased a 2012 R1200 GSA Triple Black it only had 6000 miles on it and was in very good shape. I have since put about 7000 miles on it and have had the 12000-mile service done by Max’s in Connecticut. I...
  4. Aussie seeking advice

    General chatter
    I am considering buying a R1200GS Adventure, orignally I was looking at the 800GS but after test riding both I was blown away by the overall ride on the 1200. For the record, I only test rode on dirt track and highway. Considering I would mainly do dirt / gravel roads and highways I think the...
  5. Lowering R1200GSA with Wilbers ESA Shock

    Maintenance and Modifications
    Who out there has lowered their R1200GS or R1200GSA with ESA using Wilbers ESA compatible shock? How bad is it using the stock center stand with ~2" lowering? Will the lowered center stand for the R1200GS fit the R1200GSA? TNX in advance for your input. Robert
  6. New member - New bike!

    General chatter
    Hi there, Just wanted to share my joy over my soon to be new bike. Did the "mistake" of driving by my BMW dealership with my S1000RR and took a R1200GS Adventure out for a test ride. I instantly fell in love, even though I must admit that I would preffer the power to weight ratio (220hp/178kg)...