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  1. Heads Up > R1200GS 2012 51K mls for Sale in > NYC <

    HEADS UP Bought this recently but discovered it's too heavy for me in City traffic :cry: will need a 800cc max therefore my loss can be your gain comes with a full set of SW panniers an a full set of WILBERS suspension Grey color in great shape with excellent tires, extra lights, Touratech...
  2. 2012 R1200 GS ASC, ABS, Low Suspension, Titan Silver

    ~17,500 miles. Up to date and always serviced by BMW Southeast Michigan Last year of oil cooled engine. Excellent condition (including tires). Options include factory low suspension, Vario panniers (not shown in pictures) and top case, hand protectors, cylinder head protectors, on board...
  3. Replace cam and chain r1200gs , 2012

    Maintenance and Modifications
    I’m in the process of repairing the motor on Bmw r1200gs, 2012 model year. I have nearly zero experience with this bike and could use some help trying to get it back together correctly. This bike had the left cyl head removed and replaced and now I need to get both cams attached and chain...
  4. 2014 R1200GS - 1200 Miles

    I bought it last year from the original owner. I replaced the oil filter and all of the fluids and put about 550 miles on it. I haven't had enough time to ride this season, so I'd like to sell it to somebody who does. I posted it on my local craigslist, but I can't post links because I don't...
  5. '15 vs. '16 vs. '17 GS ????

    General chatter
    Ok, so the whole truth is I traded my 2010 R1150GS for a '14 RT in 2014, and I've been missing it ever since. :frown2: And, now I'm going to replace it (the 2010) with a new/used R1200GS, all in preparation for a ride from Florida to the Arctic Circle via Alaska, this summer. Other than that I...
  6. 2007 R1200GS - Tried to Start, Now Totally Dead

    Maintenance and Modifications
    Greetings! I returned from travel this week and went out to start my 2007 R1200GS. Key was inserted, instrument cluster came up, kill switch to 'On', pushed the starter button... ...Heard a loud relay 'Thunk' ...Instrument cluster goes dark...And that's it. Checked battery voltage, sitting at...
  7. New BMW rider in SoCal

    New Member Introductions
    Greetings! Just moved here from Virginia, and the movers ended up totaling my beautiful '08 V-Strom. Once I concluded my mourning period I purchased my first BMW: A 2007 R1200GS. I am looking forward to many long rides (both on-road and off) with my new ride in the Ventura County area.
  8. Ermax High Screen Windshield for R1200GS/Adv. 2013-

    Dealers and Vendors
    Useful for any rider, the Ermax high screen windshield offers an additional 8cm of height, as well as a wider base and top, for greater wind deflection and buffeting protection. This windshield is 46cm tall (~18 inches), and 16.5 inches at its widest point. The windshield also measures 14.5...
  9. Top Box for 2009 R1200GS

    I am looking for a top box for a 2009 R1200GS in case you have one you would like to sell. I live in Downingtown, PA
  10. ORBDR this June/July '14

    General chatter
    I'll be attending the Touratech Rally in Plain WA June 26 - 29 and plan to do the ORBDR either before TTR riding south to north or immediately after riding north to south. Route 5 for most but Route 4 via Sisters has to be in there. Any interested parties? This is part of my All My Cousins ride...
  11. 05 R1200GS Rear Brake Pads Wear Unevenly

    Maintenance and Modifications
    Hi, Between the two pads in the rear brake on my 05 R1200GS, the inside pad (the one with wear indicator hole) is almost gone while the out side (piston side) still has a lot of material left after 14k miles. Is this normal? I was told by a dealer's tech that it's normal for the piston...
  12. Touratech handlebar riser

    Does anyone already bought these for the 2013 model? They raise the handlebar by 15mm. If someone did please let me know your feedback. I somehow feel that I need the handlebar a bit high and closer to me. Maybe this helps.
  13. Engine rattle at idle

    Maintenance and Modifications
    My 08 GS started making a weird sort of rattling noise at idle which didn't make before (I have 28K miles on it). What's weird is that I noticed the noise stops if I pull the clutch. I am not sure how critical this is or it will get in the short future but I am expecting to spend some $$$$ soon...
  14. Dashboard light change?

    Maintenance and Modifications
    Has anybody ever changed the backlight in the dashboard? I was thinking of installing a blue bulb ('VW style'), I just wonder whether or not that is an easy 'exercise'>>>>>
  15. Vario Pannier and the unusable space..

    Maintenance and Modifications
    I was wondering if anybody found any smart way (or just a 'way') to use the space in the Vario pannier above the exhaust. It is not buch but still it would be great to store a few tools or other stuff in there..
  16. Vario luggage support arm issue

    Maintenance and Modifications
    Hi all, I recently came back from a trip with my GS, the bike was quite loaded and the Vario bags quite heavy. I noticed that the one of the support arms bent a bit so now my right case isnt straight anymore but it leans towards the inside. I will have to replace the arm but I am also...
  17. Just got one!

    General chatter
    I have been riding for years! I have had many dual sports, harleys, and other bikes but this is my first BMW. I got a pretty good deal I think. I just bought a 2005 BMW R1200GS, with 300 miles on it.... yes that's right a 2005 with 300 miles on it (and this is 2011). I had some hesitations...
  18. So, what don't you like

    General chatter
    My dream bike is the R1200GS. I'm currently on a VStrom DL650. THings I don't like about my Vstrom include the floatiness(as compared to a Tiger 800), the buffeting and waving back and forth of the bike when passing Semis on the highway (typically between 65 and 80mph), the toyish feel(as...
  19. Fuel TAnk Gauge [email protected] R1200GSA

    Maintenance and Modifications
    I have what appears to be a unique "fault" My fuel gauge shows constantly full and the range increases as I ride - Oh how I wish it were true. Any suggestions? Everybody I read about with the failing/failed strip have a low fuel level showing and the yellow triangle of death.
  20. All weather rider; Riding Your GS Year Around?

    General chatter
    Hello Everyone, So far, my BMW R1200GS has been great to ride (but of course!). I bought the bike because of it's ability to handle both on and off road situations, and because it's a quality motorcycle. However, I also bought the bike because I'm thinking about riding it almost year around (I...