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  1. Marketplace
    I have a few items to sell if anyone is local and interested: Touratech stainless racks for r1200/1250gs/gsa. This was on my 2017 r1200gs when I bought it. Pelican cases converted to mount on touratech racks - one large, one smaller so they balance well. Tusk Pilot Panniers - fit any bike...
  2. Riding Gear and Equipment
    Well... experienced the pleasure of my r1200gsa, 580 lbs full tank, tipping over after a dead stop and so got curious about why and how severe the hazard is. Road a 450 Honda for 9 years... okay, 50 years ago, but never had this problem with its 445 lbs, full tank and even loaded. I have only...
  3. Maintenance and Modifications
    Least expensive way to fix - Front shock leaking 2011 R1200GSA ESA ??? Repair ? Rebuild? WHO can do this? ARE there any "on the shelf" rebuilds for instant shipping? (Preferably in Canada or USA northeast)
  4. Marketplace
    Hi all, I'm looking for an old windshield that will fit 2011 r1200gsa oilhead. My plan is to cut it down for summer riding (the one that came with is too tall for summer, and way to hot!). I will be cutting and painting, so scratches aren't a problem. If you have an old one that'll fit, please...
  5. Accessories
    Hello from a new R1200GSA owner. I need a phone case to fit my larger phone 6 S Plus. I have attached images of my current case, and the mounting mechanism. Where do I get a new, larger case from, that will fit that mount?
1-5 of 7 Results