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  1. Brakes, RDC (TPMS) and aftermarket cost

    Tires (Tyres)
    Last year I picked up a 2018 R1200GS and quickly came to the conclusion that I needed a spare set of wheels with different tires. I have a set with knobbies, and a purely road set for touring. However, the purpose of this post is to discuss outfitting those new wheels, specifically front...
  2. 2007 R1200 GSA Brake Rotor Issue

    Maintenance and Modifications
    Hey Everyone! A newbie here! Here is my problem: I bought a 2007 R1200 GSA with 40,000 miles. Every time I applied the brakes (F&R) I felt the brake levers pulsating. So, I had the rims trued and straightened. That made it better but it did not completely go away. So, I swapped out the...
  3. '09 GSA Clutch and Brake questions

    Maintenance and Modifications
    Brake - I was changing the tires on my bike yesterday and noticed that the brake rotors have some play in them. The rotors can be moved slightly on a plane parallel to the wheel (not in and out). Is this normal? Both rotors have the same amount of movement and the discs themselves are properly...