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  1. Accessories
    Hey folks. Got a Nav VI when I got the GSA 1250 back in 2020 but sadly with COVID haven’t been able to go on tour. Finally got a European tour planned in May but the Nav VI is untested for a long trip (unlike my previous Nav IV) and the Nav VI has shown some gremlins on short runs. Turning off...
  2. Accessories
    Hi everyone, just bought a 2015 r1200gs with a satnav bracket. What unit do I need, and does anyone have any leads, links or ways to get one at a reasonable price? Thanks guys! 🏍
  3. Accessories
    Not sure if this makes a difference but I have a 2014 GS Adventure with BMW Motorad Navigator V. I recently had an issue with my navigation and I was advised by Garmin to format the SD Card and re-load the maps. Having followed the instructions using an iMac (instructions even had pictures) I...
1-3 of 3 Results