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  1. New Member Introductions
    Need advice on good drivers backrest option with standard OEM seat? Bakup is not an option as they don’t have one for this seat yet!
  2. General chatter
    I'm looking at getting a front lower seat for my 2016 GSA and dealer price is $475. Ain't gonna happen lol. Looking on ebay I found this -...
  3. Accessories
    Is the low seat PN: 52 53 8 532 738 offered by BMW really a lower seat for the GS or is the same stock seat set on the low configuration? Thanks!
  4. Accessories
    My 05 has a corbin seat set (front heated) and I find that I tend to slide forward on it. The rear mounting bracket is in the upper holes so the rear of the seat sets as low as possible, but it still seems to slide me forward. It also sets me pretty high up. This, coupled with Ohlin shocks...
  5. Accessories
    im new to this forum so i appologize if i'm asking a question that's been discussed already. i just bought a 2009 GS and hate the stock seat, I put 900 miles on it last weekend and was very sore afterwards. I was at the international rally and spoke to many vendors about various options but...
1-5 of 12 Results