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  1. Maintenance and Modifications
    Hello, I'm fairly new to the Beemer Boxer engine, I feel like I'm on a right path as I purchase the Bike with 27K miles. I feel like it might have been sitting for a while somewhere tires are pretty cracked I could be wrong. I recently took a long trip on this bike and half way I realize my...
  2. Maintenance and Modifications
    This is going to be my first attempt to do a 12K miles service on my 2017 GSA (previous services done by dealer). I watched a YouTube tutorial video, the man used a special tool to remove the sparkplug coil. It was done in a few seconds (hard to see: one hand on the tool and one hand on camera...
  3. Maintenance and Modifications
    Hi, I'm new to these Boxer engines (been all Japanese in line 4's up until now) and when changing a plug the other day I noticed oil in the ignition coil chamber. Any chance it's normal for these engines to discharge a small bit of oil here, or am I in trouble? It's an '06 R1200GS. Thanks.
  4. Maintenance and Modifications
    Has anyone tried using the new E3 Spark Plugs in their bike? Did you put them in the primary position or secondary too? Did you notice any difference in performance? Did you see an increase in gas mileage?
1-4 of 4 Results