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  1. Trouble getting the tank back on

    Maintenance and Modifications
    I just removed the tank of my '02 R1150 GSA since it had some fuel hose issues. I replaced a couple of hoses and quick connectors and now I'm having a hard time getting the tank reinstalled. The hoses and quick connector running across the middle section of the tank connecting the left and right...
  2. Help about position of the Tank Breather Valve

    Maintenance and Modifications
    Dear forum, I am new here, so I'd like first to say hello to all the members of the forum. I am French, leaving in the US, and I own a 2008 R1200GS. This is my 7th BMW and my 4th GS. Enjoying it every day! I would need your help for a technical question. On my 2008 R1200GS, the charcoal filter...
  3. Space/cavity under the tank on the new Adventure

    General chatter
    Looking under my tank of my new GS1200 Adventure I see on the right hand side of the bike (or on the left as you look up from the front wheel) there is a round vacant space that looks like it is meant for something. It could accommodate a bottle or container say 10cm in diameter and 25cm high...