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  1. Throttle misbehaving

    Maintenance and Modifications
    Just had a little scare and thought I’d share in case in happens to anyone else. 2014 R1200GS ... was moving it around the garage during a clean-up and the next day when I started it, the RPM went straight to 2,500 and stayed there. The throttle had no effect whatever on that. The only...
  2. Replacement Throttle Valve 2009 Model

    Maintenance and Modifications
    Hi all, Hope you can help me with an issue that I have. Both my throttle valves decided to break at the same time so I have to replace them. As you can see from the pic the little bit of black plastic has broken. So what I want to know is the following: 1. Can I replace just the plastic...
  3. front wheel and accelerator issues

    Maintenance and Modifications
    Tapping into collective knowledge... I own a 2012 rallye edition 1200gs (oil cooled). Due to a bad tire, I put it on it's side (slipped out) once. I changed out the front tire, noticed a bunch of vibration, checked the tire/wheel balance...and noticed a "jump" in the wheel rotation while it was...