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  1. Accessories
    Greetings. I did a cursory search for this, and couldn’t find it. If the answer is already here, my apologies, and please provide a link. For a 2009 1200GSA I want to add TPMS. I have questions. 1. Do I just add the sensors and it just works?…or do I have to have it activated in the main...
  2. Maintenance and Modifications
    Tapping into collective knowledge... I own a 2012 rallye edition 1200gs (oil cooled). Due to a bad tire, I put it on it's side (slipped out) once. I changed out the front tire, noticed a bunch of vibration, checked the tire/wheel balance...and noticed a "jump" in the wheel rotation while it was...
  3. Accessories
    do you have, like, and/or dislike. I have seen several out there. Orange mounts in the stem. Others mount on the valve. Thanks in advance for your opinions Robert
  4. Tires (Tyres)
    I ordered a set of tires at the dealer and didn't bother to ask about the price. I did ask today and was surprised to learn they want full retail. :eek: Another (larger) dealer is advertising the same tires in the ON magazine for about 60% of retail. I don't mind "supporting the local dealer"...
  5. Tires (Tyres)
    Looks like Continental TKC80 is the only knobby choice in R1200GS sizes. 2.50 x 19… 110/80 R 19 front 4.00 x 17… 150/70 R 17 rear Pirelli MT-21 and Dunlop D606 do not seem to come in those sizes... true?
1-5 of 5 Results