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  1. Tires (Tyres)
    I’m surprised there aren’t any posts about these Mutant tires. I find them excellent on wet, dry and dirt roads. I also felt confident descending on loose baby head rocks, though not confident enough in my skills to try climbing the same hills… The claim that they are a mix of dirt-track and...
  2. Tires (Tyres)
    Hey guys, my R1200 GSA 2009 is due to have the tires changed and I'm looking for the best possible set of tires between the two mentioned above. Probably someone must have already asked but couldn't find anything here or on the net for a direct comparison of the two. I reside in Cyprus which as...
  3. Tires (Tyres)
    I’ve been switching between the stock Michelle Anakee tires and mitas E 07’s. Each time it costs $60 for both tires on my 2018 GSA rims. (Inexpensive option at the Honda dealer) Any suggestions on best or easiest way to replace, mount and balance tires? I have watched a video using bb’s to...
  4. Tires (Tyres)
    Has anyone tried Ride-On motorcycle tire sealant for catastrophic flat prevention? Does it mess with the tire pressure monitoring system on a 2011 R1200GS?
  5. Tires (Tyres)
    I'm getting more comfortable with my '07 GS after about 6 months of owning the beast, and wanted to try some novice-level offroading up at Ballinger Canyon OHV in California (Badlands-type land, mostly hard-pack trails from the descriptions.) I am currently riding on Heidenau K76's, advertised...
  6. Tires (Tyres)
    I recently bought a used 2005 GS but the owner, being a little short and used to Harley's, fitted the the bike with K1200S wheels (in black). Looks very cool but the downside is that I have to change to sticky, sport bike tires that are limited to the pavement and will wear out more quickly...
  7. Tires (Tyres)
    Hello, Just wondering, if filling my tires with Nitrogen is worth it?
1-7 of 7 Results