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    Hi Guys I was cleaning out the garage today and found a product that didn't fir my 2018 GSA. It was purchased from a EBay seller that claimed in was for a 2017 and up R1200GSA. It would Bolt up OK but there was a something sitting flush. Called Touratech and told them the story they said it...
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    Hello everyone, Like new set of upper and lower Touratech crash bars with all necessary hardware. These were on my 2017 1200GS for less than a few hours. I am asking $310 for the uppers and $330 for the lowers + shipping. Condition is essentially new.
  3. General chatter
    All- Touratech's Destino boots are really two pairs of footwear in one: a tough leather outer shell for ADV riding and a soft, waterproof inner-shoe to wear off the bike as well. Tune in to find out how they performed! -MKL
  4. Accessories
    Looking for brackets to mount BMW OEM Auxiliary lights on Touratech crash bars. Order from Touratech 8 weeks ago with 6 week backlog estimate. Now they say another 8+weeks.
  5. Accessories
    I installed my Zega Pro2 panniers today. It was way EZer then I thought. I'm glad I didn't take it to the dealer and have them do it. I have the upper and lower Touratech crash bars on order. Im thinking that might be a bit harder to install. Has anyone here installed them?
  6. GPS Info
    I recently picked up a used Zumo 660 with a Touratech locking mount. The included Ram hardware seemed wimpy and wasn't very secure. I saw the mounting bar BMW uses on the newer GS and decided to try that option instead. I like the fact it puts the GPS above the instruments. There's also room...