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  1. Maintenance and Modifications
    I am getting ready to check and if needed, adjust the clearance on the valves. Can someone provide the recommended tolerances. I am sure it's out there in other forum posts, but I get bogged down trying to find information due to the massive amount that is there. thanks
  2. General chatter
    I have just purchased my first gs it is an 07 and I am interested in checking and adjusting valves/rockers. Where is comprehensive instructions for a first timer like me? Right down to what tools I need.
  3. Maintenance and Modifications
    Hi all. I did the service about 1.5k ago and it seems that something is not right in the left side head. Once the engine gets hot I can hear loud mechanical ticking based on the revs. Just like the valves would not be adjusted correctly. (hopefully just that). Note: when doing them first time...
1-3 of 3 Results