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Used motorcycles: BMW R 1200 GS

Milestones: Sferracavallo-Palermo-Isola delle Femmine-Capaci Carini-Marina-di-Punta Raisi Cinisi-Sferracavallo-Palermo

Nations visited: Italy

Regions visited: Sicily

Km covered: 80

Duration: half day

Voglia di mare, now I just feel like the sea. A blue sky, sun shining, slight breeze, then one of those mornings that you can not help but go out and enjoy your day. A breakfast bar and then straight to Sferracavallo. Are 10.00 and still there is few people around. Marks the temperature +25! That brings the Natural Reserve of Capo Gallo and precisely Barcarello, a protected area and a beautiful ending. Directly opposite the entrance to the reserve there is a kind of small garden area equipped with overlooking the sea. The vegetation is beautiful, typical plants of the Mediterranean scrub and an explosion of colors, given the many flowers that color the entire area. The sea is calmissimo and crystal clear water. The first swimmers begin to arrive, there are those who already do the bath and enjoy relaxing in this wonderful place. The hot and begins to feel it is time to drink a good cold drink. Through June SS113 in Isola delle Femmine. The characteristic profile dell'isolotto the opposite coast characterstic coastal zone. Here is the so-called "Tower of the Earth" or the Senate of Palermo, built around the XII century. With its classic circular structure. Sull'isolotto there is another, but the 500 and square-shaped partly collapsed. The landscape is wonderful. Carini allotment to come on the road another warning tower, now surrounded by homes. In short I come of Cinisi Marina, just below the imposing Torre Molinazzo a square base of 1584. The view is of those that leave you speechless. A sea, a sky blue frame to make this wonderful place. I will long to enjoy absolute peace in this magical place. At about 3 km to Punta Raisi, another jewel of a time now past, the Tonnara dell'Orsa of 1569. The beam has a square plan with large walls are accessed through an arched door. Inside a huge courtyard and the building known as "trizzana" where the boats were hospitalized. Sull'angolo the square tower erected to protect the tuna. The tuna was not very successful due to the closeness of other traps that intercept tuna, so soon began its decline and closed its doors early in the twentieth century. Here you will find a special atmosphere of peace and tranquility, ideal for those who want to relax. All around meadows of thousands of colors that create a magical blend of sky and sea. E 'already lunchtime and what better occasion for later in the day with a good lunch of fish. I'll be back on my feet Sferracavallo parked the bike and I sit comfortably at Trattoria "Il Delfino" via Torretta, 80 tel. 091530282 cell. 3337431642. Set menu based on fish at an excellent price for those who want to eat much and well, not spending a digit. Yes. Now I just want to sea and fish ..! In the next
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