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Some advice please?

I had the 10,000 mile service done on my '16 R1200GS at my not-so-local dealer. They concluded that my steering damper had leaked and needed to be replaced. They didn't have one in stock and I had just trailered the bike 1 1/4 hours one way to get it there. So I brought the bike home, ordered the parts from an online dealer and planned to install them myself. Now that I have the "old" and new parts next to each other, I can't tell any difference. Extending and retracting them by hand shows no apparent difference in the force required. Should that be a noticeable difference if my original part really were defective?

I attached one picture of the damper and another showing the end of the original. It looks pretty grimy at the shaft opening. Is that indication that it truly has been leaking or is that just road grime?
Even with pre-Christmas discounts on online parts, the collection for this little project was nearly $400. It appears that I can return them all to the online retailer.

I have the parts and the assembly is apart and ready for me to 1) reinstall the old or 2) install the new. Which one should I bolt on?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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