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20-21 June in the heart of Sicily - The Way of the sulfur and castles


Used motorcycles: BMW R 1200 GS-Honda Africa Twin 750

Milestones: Palermo and Caltanissetta-Riesi-Mazzarino-Pietraperzia-Enna-Calascibetta Sicula-Castellana-Palermo

Nations visited: Italy

Regions visited: Sicily

Km covered: 450

Duration: 2 days

20/06/2009 at 08.45 km 284 beautiful sunny day. Are already on the motorway for a quick transfer to Caltanissetta. Marks the temperature already 32 degrees and are only 09.00! I am a calm, after two stops at service stations Pizza Garibaldi to come just below the Cathedral, built starting in 1520. Here I meet with Ernesto. We know only via the web but as often happens among riders seem to be known for some time. He will be the one to me from "guide" in the city of Caltanissetta. Parked the bikes and after a good cup of coffee immediately visit the magnificent cathedral, whose time was frescoed by Guglielmo Borremans in 1720. Right in front of the cathedral, the splendid Church of San Sebastiano del XVI sec. and the Fontana del Tritone newly built which make the environment very suggestive. From the opposite side a few hundred meters ddel College or Church of St. Agatha, with its characteristic red color. Within a magnificent work of art, the Martyrdom of S. Agata di Agostino Scilla of 1654 adorned with a frame of black marble and carved cherubs from Marabitti. Not far away what remains of the Palace Monncada built in 1635 and never finished. Back to the bike and do a jump to the Church of San Domenico, built in the'400. But the real surprise is the Abbey of the Holy Spirit just outside Caltanissetta, built in 1092 by Roger the Norman. Beautiful inside and the front of the Abbey. Today we will make a leap backward, following the ancient path of sulfur and castles. The province of Caltanissetta was between 800 and 900 of the first among the major producers of sulfur in the world. A museum will collect the history and stories of those who lived and died in those mines. http://www.webmineralshop.com/area_a.../aamottura.htm Just a few kilometers from the town there are the mines Trabonella and Gessolungo. The latter is now completely destroyed sadly gone down in history because in 1881 a tremendous explosion in the mine led to death 65 people of which many young people at an early age the "Caruso". They dedicated the mausoleum of the miners, where lie those who lost their lives in that terrible tragedy. A short distance Trabonella the mine, where we stop for a visit. Riesi not to leave until you have visited the Capodarso Bridge, built from the Moncada family sensing that the economic importance that could be the sulfur mines, sought to facilitate the export, building the bridge over the river Salso. Today, this area became a protected area with a small nature reserve. Come to Riesi and saw that we stop stomach grumbling at the Restaurant "Villa Sofia" c / Mariano by phone. Cell-0934921007. 3276261216. Cooking simple and cheap. After the lunch we head towards the mine Trabia-Tallarita called Sulphate Grande. The work began mining here in 1730 and ended in 1975, when it was closed permanently. Even today you can admire the mine and all the machines so as long as they were abandoned. Through SP70 SP 27 and we head towards Mazzarino. The beautiful old town but still the most extraordinary monument that marks the country, the Castelvecchio or better known by all Mazzarinesi "U Cannuni" from the cylindrical tower of the four remained in place. The medieval castle existed in 1282 when the city and the same furan purchased by Stephen Branciforti. Motorcycles parked just below the castle and visit what remains of the manor. From top a magnificent view over the surrounding territory. The sky was covered and large Nuvoloni not promise anything good. Let us go to Pietraperzia through SS191 via Barrafranca. The landscape is beautiful and the sun began to shine. In short we come under the ruins of the castle at the top of the rocky ridge overlooking the village. The castle was built around 1060 by Count Roger the Norman. From this position you can enjoy an extraordinary view across the valley dell'Himera. Unfortunate that of the manor and very little remains for the most part is private property and not open to the inside. Shooting the bikes descend on the square for one last coffee. Ernesto leave here, whom I thank for the company and the availability and I head towards Enna through SS626, SS122 and SS117 bis. The road is completely deserted and I enjoy every curve calmly and landscape until Enna where I meet with a group of motorcyclists around Bergamo in Sicily for the occasion to know. The appointment is at the B & B Proserpina http://www.bbenna.it/ right in the center of Enna a stone's throw from all the most important monuments. The structure is quite comfortable, which is operated by a pair gracious and near a square where you can leave the bikes in peace for a few euros or a car park under cover. I expect to welcome and Claudio, with whom we had heard several times by phone. After a quick shower to meet the rest of the group with whom spend the rest of the day visiting the Duomo and the Castello di Lombardia, and the Fortress of Ceres (the Greek Demeter) Goddess of fertility, on which stood the Temple dedicated to Dea, of which little remains today. The evening continues in joy at the restaurant "La Rural" via Gagliano Castel Ferrato tel. 093525522 excellent local cuisine, for those who want to taste the dishes of the Sicilian tradition. After a hearty dinner .. could not miss the cake! So tasty and a huge ice cream will be "digester" for the evening! After a good walk is to rest tomorrow, we still have a wonderful day on the road.

21/06/2009 At 08.30 km 167 made breakfast we revise with friends from Bergamo to say hello. I take this opportunity to thank them for the kindness and availability and for having spent a wonderful evening together. We expect to meet again maybe on the road for a tour together. After the greetings they take advantage to visit some monuments of Enna not know them, and in particular the extraordinary Torre di Federico II, whose origins date back to the thirteenth century. It is believed that it was the summer residence's Swabian. After visiting allotment in motion towards the town of Calascibetta directly opposite the city of Enna just 6 km. The beautiful old town, between the ancient alleyways and passages. Of great interest is the Norman tower of the twelfth century, whose front yard you can admire a wonderful panorama on Enna and the surrounding area. Calascibetta from my road to Palermo, but I just do not want to take the time so check out the GPS satellite decide to cut and exit from the SP 80 to Villadoro until you reach the SP 32. 20 km of pure pleasure. The road is small but the landscape is left speechless. The silence is absolute. The only noise is that of my bike. Through June 32 SP on SS290. From here until Castellana Sicula encounter only a machine. The landscape is amazing. Through curve after curve Alimena, Locati on its way to Castellana where to expect her friend Valeria is passionate about motorbikes and Mototurismo, who several times made me company in my raids for Sicily. At lunchtime we are guests of his mother, would say very good indeed excellent cook traditional Sicilian. Lunch is great as expected and concludes with a mountain of local desserts! Over lunch we should sleep! I enjoy two hours of sleep in the cool of the beautiful country. After a good cup of coffee and greeted Valeria, I call on motion to return home. 100 km separating me from the goal. I love the last km of road and then putting them on the highway. A farmi compagnia the setting sun and the beautiful images of the heart of Sicily passing quickly in my mind. To the next.
For those wishing to participate in our excursions [email protected]acharly2001 [at] yahoo [dot] com or call 3286183426. We do not accept "Hacker"
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