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So its wo years after my last post and my 2007GS ABS motor pump has failed again. I know exactly what it is (sticking bushes) and how to repair it (dismantle, clean as best I can and reassemble) but I am getting really fed up with it. Yes I know they can be rebuilt - but I am in Oz and no-one here does it and shipping to/from US/UK is a nightmare. Sometimes the clean- up lasts a few months...sometimes a few weeks...then the brushes stick again :(
When I dismantle it I get the motor out of its case and then do the best I can to clean up the brushes.....BUT....I have never been able to work out how to get the bearing off the shaft (to get right into the bushes) without breaking the plastic (which would be expensive). There must be a trick because I have seen lots of YouTube videos where 'suddenly' the bearing is off the shaft - but no-one ever explains how..... :(

So can anyone give tips on:
a) how to dismantle the actual ABS motor - getting the bearing off the end of shaft without damage
b) cleaning tips (grease?) to stop the motor brushes sticking in future.

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