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I'm currently riding a 2014 GSA with 45k miles and thinking about jumping up to a new 2022 GSA. I've read the 2022 is the same as the 2021 (options packaging changes only). I know the TFT, upgrades to the engine, new headlight, and keyless start are the Big Bang upgrades over the span of 8 years

My question is - has anybody made the jump to these new models from the 2014? Is it your opinion that this is a huge jump in performance/experience?

I'm planning on doing about 25k of touring this year know I can get about $9,500 on a trade in with the 45k in milage right now. I was told the trade-in would drop significantly adding 25k of miles. This is my 2nd GSA and know they can easily go to 200k miles. Just trying to figure out if I should jump now and pay 17k for improved model or just keep driving the 2014 for 4 or 5 years....

Thanks for your input!

Hi . I’m in uk so deals may be different . I traded a 17 GS 1200 rallye that I loved for a 2022 1250 GSA Rallye fully loaded - had her 4 weeks ! The electronics , new engine , led lights plus the 3 year warranty and roadside assistance made it a no brainer ….. in between birth and death there is a period called ‘ the dash ‘ some call it life - I want my dash to be on the latest products if possible .
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