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While on a trip together a fellow rider had a similar issue while on a trip to Colorado. The difference was it was his rear brakes. I (being very mechanically inclined) spoke with the dealerships service manager in great detail about the problem and solution. This service manager had dirty fingernails, that tells me he still wrenches. His Knowledge of the problem and his solution immediately put me at ease. From their experience this happened to riders who ride off road more than on road. They also stated the ABS system has to be activated several times during the brake bleeding procedure. According to the SM the ABS pump is higher than any other portion of the REAR braking system and that's why the air builds up in it. Makes perfect sense to me. He went on to state this is only a problem on the rear, not the front as the master cylinder is higher and the air bubbles can escape with gravity.

Saying all that for 2 points and a question.

Do you ride off road?

I ask because of my theory on the cause of his problem. I believe its caused by riding lots of rough (washboard) gravel roads at high speed and he does it at street pressure, I ride the same roads at the same speeds at a lower tire pressure. Between hard braking and the constant high frequency cycling of the suspension I think that allowed some bubbles to form and settle in his ABS pump. Just a theory.

My second point is could the lines be installed in such a way on your front brake system that the same problem was forming with your bike?

My last comment will give praise to BMW of Denver. This dealership demonstrated a level of customer service that I have never experienced before. They set the bar very high and I will encourage my local dealer to be better because of it.

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