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2018 GS - Exhaust Recommendation

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Hi all,

I'm new to this forum and have owned a 2018 GS TE from new and now want to change the exhaust.

Not particularly bothered about increasing BHP, but after a better soundtrack, so looking for recommendations on which one to go for please.

I'm reasonably okay with the spanners but would prefer a slip on replacement with no remapping etc.

Grateful for your personal views please!

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I went with a 18” Delkevic primarily to clear the aluminum panniers on my old 2007 GSA. About same overall noise level as stock just lower tone which I like better. Unfortunately they don’t appear to have a pipe for the 1250s.

I did eye they Dominator slip-on from Poland as an option but appeared a bit shorter so passed on it. Available on eBay for the 1250, cheap as chips to try and bet it would be easy to fit.

Obvious options from Akra, Remus and others but way too pricey IMO.
Maybe the Akra slip on would be a good option, not cheap tho
Welcome to the forum Brian. I'm always puzzled why someone would spend a lot of money just to hear more noise. The drone of the muffler on a long trip would drive me nuts.
In any case there are a lot of slip-on mufflers available. If you type "Slip on mufflers" in the search box above you'll get a bunch of threads on them. Over on the Adventure forum there are a lot more. You might find one that is slightly used at half price that will work as well. Good hunting.
What a muffler question in the introduction thread?
I honestly think the BOS exhaust sounds great and at a decent price point.
I have Arrow muffler. It's like a third of Akra price and for me is more then enough.
My secondhand 2015 GSA came with a full Akra titanium system - really nice setup, but I would not have spent what that sucker cost personally. Loud, yes it is but I wear earplugs anyway so it's not an issue. Apparently one can remove some db killers in the end but I have not attempted this as I see no reasonable benefit. Btw, remapping is not necessary, the bike's electronics takes care of it.

If you do go full system, you lose the exup valve. Don't be a goofus and leave the flap motor/servo attached. Remove it completely and put the chip in-place of (ServoBuddy) and be done with it. Save the motor and your original exhaust for the next victim or if you need to switch it back for some DEQ/emissions reason.
The 2014GS I purchased used had a Remus hexacone in Carbon fiber. With the db reducer it is actually quite a nice sound. Deeper tone, not loud. Has a little bark when you give it the beans. Does not drone on highway. Not cheap though.
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I got latest Arrow a few months ago, tried it with and without the baffle, eventually settled without the baffle. It’s not intrusive at all at all speeds, barks when hard on the throttle.
Other than changing the sound, is there any appreciable performance benefit from the exhaust swap on the WC bikes?
Other than changing the sound, is there any appreciable performance benefit from the exhaust swap on the WC bikes?
Minimal...they "SEEM" to pull better but thats my butt dyno
Thank you, how often do you get that calibrated? ;-)
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Other than changing the sound, is there any appreciable performance benefit from the exhaust swap on the WC bikes?
My bike came with the OEM Akrapovic. I swapped it with the OEM muffler. Less noise on long rides, no noticeable power or ride difference.
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