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Happy New Year to all!

A couple of weeks ago I took the Mormon Well road/trail through the Desern National Wildlife Refuge just north of Las Vegas. Today, I took the Alamo road/trail. I may have tipped the bike over on a mud flat, struggled for half an hour to lift it (mud causing my boots to slide out from under me) finally righted her, and made it back home safe and sound. And exhausted.

Beautiful ride, if you're in the south and can make it down, I highly recommend it. It's not a smooth ride, though there are a couple of sections that were pleasantly smooth, most was rocky, rutted, washboarded, or sandy. If it's recently rained, there can be greasy mud. Went about 184 miles or something start to finish over 5 hours and change. I love the geography here, the mountains and strata are very interesting. I also saw this really weird rock formation, I had to stop and take pictures.



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