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Hey Everybody!
Waking up here in Saskatoon to start day 5 of our 50 day motorcycle tour of north america. We left from Saint John, New Brunswick and are currently heading to vancouver Island (with a detour to Edmonton, AB to visit friends), before we head south down the pacific coast highway until we hit the mexico border in San diego. Once we get there we plan to start heading generally east, heading to major locations such as Yosemite, Death Valley, Vegas, Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, Four Points, Mount Evans, Pikes Peak before heading on down to New Orleans. From New Orleans we're driving to the keys with the necessary detour to see the everglades on the way. After that we will be adventuring north back up to canada, but will be riding the famous Deal's Gap and several other scenic roads on the way. We will be camping most of the way (spent the night in a hotel last night, 0 degrees, feels like -6) and we will be posting videos on youtube on our route, what we thought of the roads, lessons learned and what we packed as to help other people get ready for their own dream ride.
We will be posting most of our updates daily on instagram, so for anyone who wants to follow us along our trip, or ask us any questions, or heck wants to meet up for a ride along the way you can find us on instagram at "eastcoastkidz"
Anyway wish us luck, ride safe, ride hard!!

-The bikes
2012 BMW R1200GSA (Daphne)
2005 Kawasaki Concours (Connie)
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