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Additional Radiator fan Install on 2020 R1250GSA

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I own a 2020 R1250 GSA and am interested in installing this kit specifically made for the GSA.

Has anyone installed this and what is their feedback?

As we all know heat is a killer of a lot of moving parts and I would like to keep it to a minimum as possible, why BMW did not give a second fan just beats me...

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The Liquid Cooled (LC) GS rarely gets overheat. In fact, I never heard one.
From the way the coolant temperature fluctuates during a city ride, I can conclude that the cooling system in this bike is very very efficient and have a lot of safety margin.
We can see the reading stays at thermostat temperature once the bike is moving at city riding speed.
Only when it is stationary, then the reading will rise and the fan will kick in somewhere at 105 degC and it will reduce the reading very fast to fan stop threshold (don't remember).
This bike doesn't need additional cooling fan.
I live in tropical climate 30-35 deg C all year long.
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