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I installed this new on my 2020 R1250GS for maybe 500 mi. back in April 2020, took it off and it's been in the box since. I posted this back then, but decided to hold off. At first I thought I might put it back on when I wanted to sound louder, but it's still just in the box. So, you see in the attached receipt what I paid and the date, so it's basically brand new. Slipped in on, road a bit, and decided I no longer want that volume level. It sounds GREAT ! Just like an Akra should. But just no longer for me. If you're familiar with Akra, you know that it's a lower tone at idle and it's a louder racing sound at speed. I noticed a slight increase in performance on the 1250 engine without any tuning. Not really that noticeable.
I will sell this for $600 including ground shipping within the U.S. I really don't want the hassle of selling outside of the U.S.
It's in original packaging with all hardware, etc.

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