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Motorcycles used: BMW R 1200 GS

Milestones: Palermo-Pollina-Castel di Tusa-S.Stefano of Camastra-Marina di Caronia S.Agata-Militello-Astasi-Militello Rosmarino-Alcara Li Fusi-Galati Mamertine-Longi-Frazzanò-Myrtle-Caprileone-Rocca di Palermo

Visitate Nations: Italy

Regions visited: Sicily

Km covered: 340

Duration: one day
A blue sky and a wonderful welcome the sun Befana 2009! Are 08.00 in the morning and I just want to make myself a nice walk in motion, so aimlessly, which brings me to the heart! After about an hour are on to Messina. I feel like coming out to sea and the entrance Pollina SS113. The old state, once a true nightmare for any driver, now is a true paradise. Traffic entirely absent, the accomplice festive day, I enjoy relaxing in every curve, and the wonderful smell of the sea. The temperature +13 ° marks and are only 09.30! I stop a Final Pollina for a coffee and take a look at Torre del Marchese, a former Saracen tower half of the sixteenth century recently renovated, part of a system of towers that can be linked together with smoke during the day and fireworks at night, thus protecting the coast. Yard Panorama, an incredible view that extends from Cape to Cape Milazzo saffron! I love a little for the warmth of the sun and then get away from motion always in the direction of Messina. Gone the other tower of Castel Di Tusa, at S. Agata di Militello I decide that it is time to leave the sea and head for the park Nebrodi. I am reminded of a village that has long wanted to visit, Li Fusi Alcara and since then I have no prescribed route, I enter the GPS coordinates on my mouth and the climb to the SP161. Going up the landscape change scenario, from both the sea and the Aeolian Islands and the other Nebrodi. Reached the small village of Astasi, on the road a beautiful and unexpected surprise. An incredible crib in the middle of the campaign, built with mannequins dressed in the whole point! Very curato in detail and well made. Allotment made some photos, through small villages set in the mountains as Militello Rosmarino. The road is empty and the temperature fell to +7. After brief June to Alcara Li Fusi in the middle of the square before the church, where it recently completed the religious ceremony. The square is crowded and full of children waiting for the Befana. Parked motorcycle opportunity to visit the church, where 500 to risalante inside houses a precious silver reliquary containing the remains of St. Nicholas Politi, patron saint of the country for which the 03 May each year plays a beautiful and picturesque holiday that involves the whole country. Also on 24 June, the festival takes place "U Muzzuni" whose ritual is lost in the mists of time. After a brief tour in the country, starting to reach what remains of the Castle Turio, a tower dating from the twelfth century. on a rocky spike and the small Church of the Holy Trinity, representing the only remains of the village. Castle at the foot of the monumental fountain Abate 500 where seven large leaves of fresh cannoli. After a brief stop allotment, following the road to the Galatians Mamertine. The road is tortuous and small but in good conditions and winds through a beautiful canyon on the bottom of which flows a small river. The air is pleasantly crisp but the sun continues to shine as mitigating the +6 °. Covers a long stretch of road between the ancient farmhouses, fields and herds to pasture, enjoying the helmet open all odors and smells of the earth. Portella Gazzana come to around 1100 meters. altitude. From here you again to review the sea. I start to fall towards Galati Mamertine where I stopped to eat something quickly. Here the owner of a bar did not even eat anything goes at home and then presented with a large sandwich with mortadella and cheese and a shield of squisitissime olives! Also not happy, did not want it to be merely pagassi pay and drink coffee! Longi allotment to the highway on its way to Palermo, at the Rock of Caprileone. Missing 140 km per house and the sun continues to shine and then why not take advantage of a brief stop in the beautiful village of Cefalù. I relax for a good half hour on the beach, where sea and calmissimo reflect the rays of the sun now low. Satisfied with the beautiful day on the road, I head home with hearts full of joy, in the end it was he who decide! At the next
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