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Join us on a stellar long weekend getaway in Western Pennsylvania / Maryland. Xplor-Int is working in conjunction with the Forest Service, dedicated to the promotion and preservation of off-road motorcycle riding in the nearby trails of Pennsylvania and Maryland. Rent a motorcycle with our camping gear, and a yearning for adventure to join Xplor-Int on this epic dual sport ride.

This exciting 4-day event kicks off with some riding competitions in the scenic Western Pennsylvania / Maryland State Forest Thursday - Pick - up form the Airport and delivery to motorcycle rental agent, followed by a delicious catered dinner. Xplor-Int will provide the nightly entertainment with adult beverage by the campfire.

Friday - Eat a hearty breakfast and break into groups based on skill level for a staggered GPS-led ride. Head out on an adventure ride through diverse terrain, including stunning forests surrounded by lush foliage, narrow bridges, sand crossings, never-ending gravel and rock. 160 miles will be mapped out (including GPS routes) to create incredible experiences for every skill level. Informative seminars from RiderCoaches will teach off-road riding techniques so the rider can feel every bit confident when tackling the varied Pennsylvanian terrain. Halfway through the Friday ride, we will stop for a scenic lunch served at Hyner Run State Park. After finishing up the ride, a pig roast will be awaiting at the campgrounds with an ice cold an adult beverage to quench your thirst. We’ll have an exciting presentations from informative speakers.

Saturday - Eat a hearty breakfast and break into groups based on skill level for a staggered GPS-led ride. After a riders meeting and brief training seminar, head out onto your adventure ride through diverse terrain amongst the stunning forests, bridges across vista’s and twisty dirt road and gravel roads. This day will feature entirely new routes put together by Xplor-Int. Halfway through the Saturday ride, we’ll stop for a scrumptious lunch at a scenic picnic point. We’ll discuss challenges along the route and techniques that helped. Don’t forget to bring your GoPro’s and cameras—this is a perfect opportunity to take shots along the gorgeous route. Come back from your epic day of riding to a big dinner back at the campsite, albeit with new friends and fond memories. We’ll have adult beverages, share some laughs, and you’ll plop into your tent under the stars perfectly content from your rugged adventure.

Sunday - Wake up to another delicious breakfast and break down your campsite, and ride to a National Forest location in Western Maryland. We will set up camp for the night and each rider can take the follow routes for Adventure motorcycle day trips with turn by turn directions that help you find the type of riding you are looking for. Of course you don’t have to follow one of these, feel free to go exploring on your own. Our day routes average 180 miles in length and will have between 90 - 100 miles off the pavement, so plan on 7 to 8 hours out. All the gravel portions are maintained forest and park service roads and are ideal for the rider with limited experience on loose surfaces. We have many routes, some that are variations of these and others that include more challenging conditions for the more experienced rider, or you can hangout and experience our local casino and resort Cumberland MD Hotel | Maryland Casino | RockyGapResort.com

Monday - Return rental motorcycle and back to the airport

Registration includes:

• A long weekend of off-road rides created by the members of Xplor-Int for all skill levels

• 4 nights of camping in the beautiful National Forest Areas

• 8 meals including a special pig BBQ roast and adult beverages

• Off-road training from seasoned RiderCoaches

• Slideshow presentations from professional riders

• An unforgettable experience riding remote areas

• Training, sleeping bag, tent, pick-up and delivery Euro1280.00 per person

Voor Info: [email protected]
Web: Home

Not included airfare / tickets, motorcycle rental, gas
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