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I own a 2014 GSA 1200 for two years and have some electrical issues.
Problem 1: On extreme long rides (IBA challenges) the battery tends to get hot and have destroyed 2 so far, one of which was a BMW battery.
The charging voltage is constant at 14.2, 14.3 all seems normal, however something is obviously causing a load of some kind on the bike.

Problem 2: Quite often when shutting the bike off, after a few minutes you can hear a click, similar to a relay click right behind the battery box.
sometimes it happens at a few minute intervals, and sometimes it sound similar to a signal light pattern (not likely related to signal lights)
When this happens it is a matter of a day or so and the battery will be drained. When an amp meter is hooked up you can see that in that state something remains powered on and when you hear the click, it spikes the meter. It seems an ECU of some kind is not fully shutting down.

I am not sure if the two are related but so far have not been able to find the cause. Suspicion is problem 2 may be a fault with the rear suspension ECU, but have not confirmed it yet.

Has had anyone experienced similar problems like this?

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