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Hi All,
new to the forum but just thought I'd share my cautionary tale.
On Thursday morning at 0740 hours I was riding down Gloucester place when a rather large Black Mercedes people carrier decided to pull a U turn directly in front of me blocking the carriage way and giving me no options but to "make contact" with him at around 30 MPH.

This in itself was enough to ruin my day but the clincher was the Diplomatic plates on the 3rd party!!
This meant that (And here is the cautionary part) The police needed to to be called as ALL diplomatic vehicles have the owner details Concealed from the Insurance database.

Only took them 1 hour and 40 minutes to get there tho as it needs Diplomatic protection team officers to access the database !!!!
All good in the end and Bike is resting at Lind in WGC.
Surprising amount of damage But I did hit him with the right hand side and it fell on the left.......



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