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BMW Navigator 6 or iPhone

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So first things first, I have a price of $825.28 for one of these. I think this is good ?
I bought one of the attachments that goes in the GPS holder on the GS but no matter what it kept depressing the button's so back it went.
I ride as much as I can and just go where the road (for now) leads me. But I've also ended up and trying to figure out where the heck am and not having a cell signal does not help. Now you can always back track and get a cell signal and try and figure out where I am but your kinda spinning your wheels.

Any thoughts ? Suggestions? The local deal has a iphone mount for the handle bars and the power adapter, thinking that maybe the best bet for now. I have the iPhone XR so if someone else has the same or close too and wants to share what they did that'd be great.

Thank you
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I was watching Adam Chandler's video on installing the Zumo XT and one of his comments on the BMW Garmin is there not that good in the colder climates. Has anyone else experienced this?
Mine did go out in the winter. Bike parked outside with temperatures below 0C
Phones need a data connection to provide nav.

Real GPS units use satellites and generally have better maps.
Phones use GPS. They have GPS receivers built in.

The also work where there is no cell data coverage.
So do phones, as long as you use an app that allows you to download offline maps, and that do route calculation locally on the device rather than relying on a cloud service.

Plenty of people successfully use phones for navigation where there is no cellular data signal. Read back through the thread from here: BMW Navigator 6 or iPhone
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Downloading the region I know I am going to be with Google Maps, then I am never in fear of loosing cell signal. It's ALWAYS worked either here in the States and many trips to Europe. My Garmin is a fancy looking paper weight never to be mounted on the bike again.
I have a Nav6 and it currently works well, though have received a replacement unit twice due to past hickups. If I was starting from scratch I would try the new phone adapter that BMW is now selling (for whatever phone you have.) Lots cheaper, and phones are 10x more technically competent than the Nav6, and one less item to sync. The Nav6 was an interim product that is not relevant for the future, though mine works great. One issue for phones is water resistance if they are out there during rainy weather. Some phones have better water resistance than others. So, do you want your $1000 phone out in the wet??
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