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I touched base with Andrew on weight of the LR panniers and racks.

The racks for my GS 1200 weigh 3.5#' per. The LR bags weight 13# each. Bringing the total weight of racks and panniers to 33#'s.

Just weighed the BMW Vario cases. One is 13#'s, the other 14.5#'s.

The LR's are capable of accepting 30#'s each in gear stored within. The Varios are rated for 22#'s each. Giving me 16#'s of added gear in the panniers over the Vario cases. On top of that, the varios were stuffed at 17#'s each of gear on the trip to Ak. and the LR's would have even more room to store gear even after the 30#'s were loaded in each.

Going to the LR's will allow for disposing of one of the dry bags strapped to the seat, back rack area. Less wind drag, more or the same weight of gear stored lower.

What panniers are you running on your GS1200, and what's the weight of your chosen panniers and racks? What are their weight ratings for each side?
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