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Obvious answer here is to take the bike in and get it fixed, but suggestions / pro tips are welcome. I'm a long way from my nearest Motorrad dealers. I believe one of my local shops does work on BMWs.

Was out for a short spin today and my 2016 R1200GS went into emergency operation mode. Got CAA to give me a lift home and now I am trying to figure out what to do next.

Having no idea what I am talking about, off the cuff guess is maybe the throttle is mangled. Details:
  1. First thing I noticed was, the shift assist pro was having a hard time shifting down,
  2. Then I noticed the bike seemed to be racing, almost like it felt like it was maybe accelerating even with the throttle closed, and I was actively using the brake to control speed,
  3. Approaching a rural intersection, down into first gear (manual shifts since quickshift wasn't working reliably), clutch in, throttle closed, I noticed the engine was running at around 3K RPM, hence why quickshifts down weren't working,
  4. Through the intersection, pulled over, shut the bike off, turned it on, played with the throttle a bit,
  5. Pushing the throttle past closed (the way you do when you want to disengage cruise control) the engine would drop down to normal idle speeds, but letting the throttle go back to "closed" it would jump back to ~3K RPM,
  6. Pulled away and rode maybe 50 metres when the warning lights came on and the engine was now obviously in limp mode. The engine trouble light was yellow and not blinking.
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