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I was carefully/slowly riding up our driveway on my two week old R1200GS, as the dirt driveway had just been "re-surfaced".
It had just finished raining when I started up the drive, 2.5km long.
About 3/4 of the way, I came around a corner and section of "re-surfacing" stuck to the front wheel and locked it up.
The surface was super slippery, managed to steer the bike so it wouldn't drop, to keep it balanced I had to head towards the edge of a drain.
Due to the slipperiness, had limited control, I aimed to just miss the drain.
Long wet grass took over and the front wheel dropped in.
Took 3 of us to lift it out, slightly bent risers and a scratched hand guard.
Love these drop-able BMWs'

The road maintenance professionals "re-surface" by grading the silt and rubbish out of the drains along the sides of the roads, neatly spreading it all over the road, then run a roller on top.
All done in the dry.
As soon as it rains, the re-surfacing layer becomes very soft, very quickly and sits loosely on top of the hardened road surface beneath.
Cant be walked on without instantly becoming taller :)


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Look on the bright side! Now your GS has some scars on it and people will think you're a real adventure rider and not another Starbucks sipping poser :)
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