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Pulled from my 2015 R1200GS this evening, were installed by BMW of Burbank in 2016 by the prior owner. I don't like 'em, so I swapped to Baja's. Bright as hell, work perfectly, but not my jam.

The lights (and the bike) were used for about 9k miles total, but prior owner stored the bike outdoors a lot so they're sun faded a bit - some Solution Finish and a Q-tip would black them right up, I did a lot of that on the rest of the bike.

Includes the two lights w/ clear lenses, CanOpener 1.89, harness/relay/data cable, BMW style mounts, and a plastic light bar that looks Dremel'd to get a wrench on it (can't see - underneath, and honestly, needed - BMW bars are a weird one). Price includes shipping to the lower 48 by USPS.

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