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I contacted the local shop and they are going to help me out. Thanks everyone for your suggestions and insights.

Original post:

I was south of Moab about a year ago and a had a rock go through my radiator. It was odd cause i was on the highway, so just a freak accident. The local shop was great to help me out. They patched the radiator with jb weld.

A few days ago i noticed something wet that shouldn't be. Just a couple drops. It felt kind of oily but that might have been just whatever it was mixing with the grime on the bike. I did not see any liquid on the ground or anywhere else on the bike.

My guess is I have a coolant leak somewhere. Maybe part of the weld in the radiator is going bad? I'll have some drops on the left side engine.

Pic 1: radiator & weld. i haven't seen anything to indicate coolant is leaking from the front.
Automotive tire Bumper Automotive exterior Gas Grille

Pic 2: wetness that i first discovered.

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive fuel system Rim Gas

Maybe the 2nd day. this is when i noticed a drop of coolant at the bottom of the radiator.

Wheel Tire Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive lighting

more dried splatter and more on the bottom of the radiator.

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Hood Motor vehicle

i read about a "weeping hole" but i don't see any dried coolant around that.

Automotive tire Synthetic rubber Tread Motor vehicle Automotive wheel system

I've been doing some googling today to see if I can figure out what else it might be. I was going to take the side panel off but i noticed that i need to get a screw driver for the tiny screw at the base of the panel. I am fairly new to all of this so if any one has suggests or comments, I'm all ears. I will probably call the local shop tomorrow but this forum came to mind, so figured I'd post here first.

Last items of note. I've kept an eye on coolant levels and they look fine. I haven't seen any noticeable drop. Definitely not like when I was covered in coolant after the rock went through the radiator last year. The engine temp gauge has looked normal too. However, I'm sure if this is an issue that is worsening, best to figure it out now.

Thank you.

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JB Weld is good stuff but doesn't last forever. You probably have a leak from somewhere around the fix. I've used it on lots of repairs & find it to let go after a few years & that's not on something hot & under pressure.
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