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Do you conceal carry... Tire plugs?

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Yeah that was a click bait title... I'm Canadian, not lawful to conceal carry...

Do you guys carry tire plugs? I used to keep them on hand when I rode the ATV. Is there anything special about an ADV plug kit? I'm thinking the typical black glued-up cord you push through with a T-handle. Then have a 12V mini compressor for the inflation. I want to add this to my kit bag. Any thoughts on this, any tips?

Here's a pic from last weeks trip into Harrison Lake BC, no problem keeping up with those full size ADV bikes!

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Rope plugs and the compressor always in the tool box mounted on the side
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When we tour the Himalayas we usually carry two pumps....one like I said always in my tool box....its made by SLIME. Has held up well. Another is a portable rechargeable pump made by a company called Mi....somewhat similar to what @MichaelM posted above.
Ive heard good things about the Best Rest Pump but none of us have that. I did order one in the recent sale he had but its still enjoying California at my cousins place.
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