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Do you conceal carry... Tire plugs?

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Yeah that was a click bait title... I'm Canadian, not lawful to conceal carry...

Do you guys carry tire plugs? I used to keep them on hand when I rode the ATV. Is there anything special about an ADV plug kit? I'm thinking the typical black glued-up cord you push through with a T-handle. Then have a 12V mini compressor for the inflation. I want to add this to my kit bag. Any thoughts on this, any tips?

Here's a pic from last weeks trip into Harrison Lake BC, no problem keeping up with those full size ADV bikes!

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Yes, actually several types.

Tire worms and glue
Stop-n-go mushroom plugs
Dynaplug 12v tire pumps.
On our summer trip I'll also throw in a couple internal tire plugs. Again light small and better have them and not need them than need them and not have them

I used to only carry one type of tire plug but over the years several great deals have come up on used stop-n-go kits so I bought them and added them to the kit. Tire punctures are probably the #1 failure you will encounter while out riding. Having the plugs to patch and the means to top it up with air is a no brainer. Why let a 15 minutes repair ruin your whole day. A tire plug kit and pump can be assembled inexpensively and depending on what you get will weigh about a pound and pack down to the size of you fist. Tire plugs and pums are farmore important to carry than all the other tools you have on the bike.
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While there are literally dozens of inflators choose from, I settled on this one and carry it all the time (along with a couple of repair kits, including Nealey and Slime):

It’s worked well for me just topping off the pressure; haven’t tried it yet on a full inflate, but I imagine it’s up to the task.
Best bet is while in the garage pull the valve stem and deflate the rear tire. Then connect the pump and see how she does. Far better to find it is or isn't up to the task in a controlled environment.

Agreed CO2 cartridges and bicycle pumps are a waste of time. I can't imagine being on the shoulder of a crowded highway in the heat of summer trying to pump up a tire with a bicycle pump than puts out about 2cc of air per stroke.

I do prefer a 12v plug in pump as they are small and I don't have to worry about charging/tending a battery. Just plug'er in and flip the switch. The Dyna Plug pumps are fit in the palm of you hand small.
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