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Electric Fuel pump problem n engine dead

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Hello, my name is Zam and I'm from Malaysia. I recently experienced an issue while riding my GSA R1200 (2018), where the engine suddenly stopped working and displayed a warning message. After attempting to restart it, the bike wouldn't start up again. The mechanics suspect a fuel pump failure, but I'm open to other ideas as well. I'm in need of help because the cost to replace the fuel pump is quite high. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Everybody is so dependent on computer diagnostics and swapping parts that there is no ability to use tools like a multimeter, oscilloscope, wiring diagram or basic mechanical troubleshooting knowledge to diagnose a problem. You could check for power to the pump when the bike is starting or physically remove the pump to see if it's turning. A clear bulb or flow meter inserted inline with the fuel hose would tell you if fuel is flowing. BMW uses standard quick disconnect fittings (or at least they do on my 2008), so doing so would be easy.

If you doubt the mechanic or suspect a bad wiring harness, you need to first confirm that either the pump isn't getting power or that it is pumping fuel.
but the beauty of computer diagnosis is it’s typically faster. If the wiget is bad it’s bad no matter if you diagnosed it with a super computer or test light.

most components are disposable and not made to be rebuilt so aging you can diagnose it as bad but cannot fix it.

the modern electric age we live is both good and bad.
Right, but the modern approach to fixing things is to replace parts until it works. Thats why it took Kron's buddy 7 trips to the dealer to recognize a bad wire. The OP stated that his mechanic said its the fuel pump, but he doesn't want to replace it. Therefore, his only choice is to determine if it really is the fuel pump or not. It could be a loose wire on the fuel pump connector, maybe the quick disconnect tubing connector became dislodged. I would check simple stuff before replacing the entire fuel pump.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts