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I'm about to buy a used 2008 R1200GS Adventure. The seller is offering me the warranty he has on it (an RPM One Platinum plan) which expires in December 2014 and has unlimited miles.

Does anyone have experience using one of these? He'll knock $1250 off the price of the bike if I don't get the warranty, which is the price he can get it refunded for. Think it will pay off? I have been riding my F650GS about 10,000 miles a year and expect the new bike to be about the same. I'm hesitant to get the warranty because I haven't had any issues with my F650 that would be covered by it and I'd like to think it would be the same with the R.

Also, what do you think would be a reasonable price for a 2008 R1200GSA with 28,000 miles and the following add ons:

New tires
Enduro Transmission
On Board Computer
Fog Lights
BMW Panniers
Heated Grips
Chrome Exhaust
Sargent Seats Front and Rear
Manual cruise control

The bike has never been dropped and has supposedly never been off road.

Thanks for the input!
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