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It'll make you a great bike. I've bought 6 Hexheads this year alone and do have a maintenance procedure I go through when I get them just to get me a baseline of what was done with what product on what date and at what mileage.

If you do you own maintenance I'd suggest in no certain order.

  1. Change engine and oil filter - 4 liters (with filter change)
  2. Change transmission oil 75W-140
  3. Rear drive oil - 75W-140
  4. Brake fluid - Dot4
  5. Air filter
  6. Replace the alternator belt
  7. Check/set the valves
  8. Check swing arm pivot bearing
  9. Check the swingarm rubber boots replace if compromised.
  10. Pull drive line to inspect the splines and u-joints also clean and lube the splines
  11. Clean the caliper pistons and slide pins. Check/replace the brake pads if needed
  12. Check front wheel bearings
  13. If you have a GS911tool its a great time to connect to run a scan of the systems and see if there are any current faults or codes. If you do not have one its a very handy diagnostics tool.
  14. Go over the electrical wiring especially any wiring for auxiliary items to see if there is anything that need to be tidied up or redone. There are a lot of not so talented folks out there that try to wire stuff.
Hexhead R1200GS/A Quick Reference:

Front tire pressure – 36 PSI
Rear tire pressure – 40 PSI
Rear wheel lug torque - 44 FT/LBS
Front/Rear caliper mount bolts (M8 x 32) torque - 22 FT/LBS
Front Axle torque - 37 FT/LBS
Front axle pinch bolt torque – 14 FT/LBS
Air filter – Mahle LX 984/2
Oil filter – HiFlo #164
Transmission oil – 800cc’s 75W-140 GL5 gear oil
Rear drive oil – 180cc’s 75W-140 GL5 gear oil
Engine oil capacity – 4 liters (w/ filter change) 15W-50 or 20W-50
Intake valve – 0.15mm cold
Exhaust valve – 0.30mm cold

Front wheel bearings and seals

  • Left front wheel bearing – 6205 2RS
  • Right front wheel bearing – 6205 2RS
  • Left front wheel bearing seal 30 x 52 x 7 single lip
  • Right front wheel bearing seal – 35 x 52 x 7 single lip

Lastly Beemer Bone Yard "BBY" is great place to buy parts, maintenance items and or specialty tools.

This list is not intended to bombard you nor does it all completed in the same day. Its something you can pick away at and let's you get intimately familiar with he bike.

Goods luck and enjoy!

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Welcome Bdruff!
What part of Cali you in?
Some great riding in Northern Cali.
Enjoy the new ride.

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Welcome, in addition to Perazzi post, ask preview owner about recalls for this model - one for fuel pump (my is done) and second for rear flange, preview owner give me new flange by hand, with sealings and other things in set.
Today I see on the bike defects of original (still on the bike) aluminium flange. New one is made of steel, hope that is better material.
Deffect of flange is "ears" for rear brake disc are cracked. Two seasons ago I replace alone in garage rear disc with dynamometric tool in accordance with recommended values of manufacture. Even in this case "ears" cracks.
So check rear flange. My overall opinion for this bike is more than awesome. Good luck!

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You can also look up open recalls on any number of sites. Google BMW motorcycle recalls and several sites will pop up. Enter your VIN and it will post if any recalls are open.

If open call the local dealer and they will get the parts and perform the recall. I had 3 rear wheel flanges and one fuel strip done in the last 4 months

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Welcome. My 07 1200GSA I've had almost a year and a half now was my first bike in 20 years. Your 2008 should be solid, doing the maintenance is definitely DIY capable.

If you are already pulling the driveshaft I'd plan on changing swingarm bearings too. Pretty easy to do with basic tools, easy weekend job.
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