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So... for Thanksgiving I'm going to Ride my '06 GS1200 up to NorCal to see my Pop who's closer to his Sunset than his Sunrise... and it WILL BE raining for some part of said trip. Limited time on way up will be Freeways/Expressways (way back may involve PCH/Hwy1/L.A. and East back to PHX).
I almost put this Post in 'Crash Stories' but that seemed rather fatalistic, so apologies if it's in the wrong place on R1200GS.info :eek:P
It WILL be raining some part of this Ride I'm afraid (and that 'afraid' is not just a 'phrase'). Euro/WorldRiders don't even BLINK while rain-riding so I'm asking for some tips from anyone more expert/experienced than me in the rain, WHICH'D BE EVERY RIDER ON THE PLANET!!! I've virtually NEVER ridden in Rain. I don't want to be a granny though of course I'm sensible enough to adjust my ridinig according to conditions (and I am otherwise an above-average to a solid Rider). I'll also have New tires, moreORless proper Rain Gear via suit over warm KLIM Adventure Top/Bottoms, Gaitors, RainGloves. '06 has ABS. And I'll do some www surfing over the next few weeks about RainRidin' in addition.
Thank you in advance from any AWESOME insights from those of you that RideTheRain like it weren't no big deal.
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"... indian not the arrow"... I'LL BE USING THAT LINE AGAIN... SOON!!! Yes, SofSmoov&Silky is Plan 1... 2 is proper equipment and BEFORE the 1st raindrop falls!!! Have you seen MotoGP in the Rain... COMPLETELY insane ain't it. Some people are just reallyReallyREALLY good Riders!! MANY THANKS!

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Will be adding soonerNlater but not in time a sweet LED TailLight/Turn set-up... waaaary bwight!!! There's an extra setta lights back 'ar, for now and I keep an eye on my mirrors as much as the road ahead too. 'Was thinking the Rain-X too. I've gotta LebronJames WindShield and can only lower it so far though... that's a GREAT tip to lower it to keep the Helmet WindScreen clean (I also look left and right occasionally to wind off the drops the few times I've been 'caught' in rain). FREQUENT application if the Rain-X overcomes some comments I've seen on other similar Posts that speak to it 'not' working. I wonder if I have to worry about my '21 Klim Krios helmet letting Rain in... yet haven't heard anyone speak to that so I'm thinking I'll be good there. THX!!!

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The biggest issue I found with interstates and rain are the big rigs (18 wheelers).
I'm not proud and'll exit if anything gets to hairball. Rain, Gear, MindSet, Tires... OH!!! AND THE BIG RIGS... EXCELLENT REMINDER!!!
Also I note that GrandMaws are very old... AND THERE'S GOOD REASON(S) FOR THAT!!!

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... use Rain-X for plastics on both the inside as well as the outside - helps prevent fogging
I'd liiiiiiike to think that I'd-a thought to Rain-X the INSIDE too... BUT MIGHT NOT HAVE; THX!
Yeh, no 'rain mode', but I get it on the 'smooth' word I've seen here a few times today.
Might go Balaclava or at least a neck gaitor to overcome cold/wet neck. My Ridin'Bud is going to check out my 2pc and though not AeroStich or BMW, it'll likely work well w a solid Adventure Jacket and some layers underneath. I bet ya' TWO THINGS: He'll lend me his high(er) end RainSuit and, if I remember right, 2. He'll lend me his heated vest (though I'll have to tie it into battery since BMW outlet isn't enough as I understand it).

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I posted effectively this Q to another forum (R1200GS.info) and was able to ‘keep up’ w responses… AT THE COST OF NOT KEEPING UP HERE (FB’s BMW R1200GS Owners), SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is/are MY takeaways… and there are MUCHO!!!.

Motorcycling in the Rain Tips
in no particular order…
hopefully helpful to others in the future!

  • Be Smooov in everything
  • RRRrreeeeee lllll aaaaaaaxxxxx…
  • Be (more) judicious with Throttle (see above)
  • Add Rear Brake more than we may/may not in Dry (50/50ish)
  • Less Lean Angle
  • More object spacing (less stopping distance available for Rider AND OTHERS)
  • Head (more) on a swivel than usual; ANTICIPATE
  • Accept more mental fatigue and adjust accordingly
  • Expensiver RainGear is generally better ‘n Cheaper
  • Lite RainGear can also be effective
  • Boot Outters
  • Glove Outters
  • Beware Road Paint/Markers and especially manhole covers
  • Remember part of RainGear is to Stay Warm (Layers, too)
  • GoreTex is miracle fabric! AND OUR FRIEND!
  • Repellent to FaceShield (specific raindrop ‘spreader’); different from next 2
  • ‘Interior Glass/Plastic’ Repellent to FaceShield (specific FOG mitigation)
  • ‘Interior Glass/Plastic’ Repellent to eye-glasses if present (specific FOG mitigation)
  • Repellent re-application often
  • Pinlock (fog control)
  • Visor-Cracking provides ‘immediate’ fog relief (usually)
  • Neck Gaitor mmiiight help stave-off water entry into exposed area
  • HiViz Jacket
  • Add (temporary) reflective tape to Bike and/or Helmet to help with visibility
  • Weather Radar is VERY useful (Wait/Stop/Push-On)
  • Since NorCal Ride, consider CalTrans ‘QuickMap’
  • AirDown by a coupla pounds (more contact patch)
  • Ensure solid and broken in tires (Street better ‘n dirt, softer better ‘n harder)
  • Avoid lane middles
  • Consider riding in vehicle-in-front tire wake v greater water elsewhere
  • Be aware there will be sliding; know your skills and apply as needed
  • Trust my platform (’06 GS w ABS… I trust her)
  • Anticipate Rain [hard(er) to don RainGear UnderOverPass w 18 Wheelers flyin’ by]
  • Darker/Shinier pavement indicates more water accumulation
  • Avoid Death Grip
  • Don’t Fear
  • Lower Bike WindScreen to allow airflow to Helmet Windscreen to dissipate raindrops
  • Windscreen ‘too’ tall; then move head side to side for airflow over faceshield (moves drops)
  • Bright Rear End (LIGHTS YA’LL w minds in the gutter)
  • Remember water fly off of others, especially the BigRigs/18Wheelers
  • It’s okay to stopNtake a break if conditions or weariness necessitates; ‘s not a race

… okay, and the prolly #1 answer was this,
and it’s SOOOOO INDICATIVE OF GSers; gotta love ‘em!!!


Seriously, ya’ll… you’ve helped another Rider avoid get-offs, injuries and even death by taking a minute to compose a thoughtful reply and I APPRECIATE IT!
My Dad appreciates it too as he has his concerns and I chose to respect them when he reminded me of the rain up there.

Stay Calm & RIDE ON YO!!!
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