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I have a practically brand new intercom system that I tried to use literally one time before I promptly removed and placed back into the box. I bought this system July-2020 and just dug out of storage this week as my wife & I prepare to move.

Why am I selling: This system does NOT support dual audio. Meaning; I'm not able to listen to my music and also sync to my wife's intercom so she can listen in harmony. I didn't look for this feature when I bought the system......I presumed that to be a standard feature. Not so. Only when you go with the Freecom 2+ or above do you get this feature. Works fine for intercom only or solo audio if you don't care about sharing your audio.

  • Brand: Cardo
  • Model: Freecom 1+ (1 plus)
  • Set of 2pcs for two separate helmets in total
  • Missing: glue plates that I used for both helmets and simply could not remove without breaking
  • Price: $100 shipped anywhere to lower 48 states

HD pic's included. Reply to ad if interested. PayPal may be best/safest for both of us or perhaps Zelle.

Missing Glue Plates.jpg
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