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For sale - One(1) Wunderlich Aktivkomfort Rider seat and one(1) Wunderlich Aktivkomfort Passenger seat, both black in color, that I had installed on my 2020 R1250GSA. Used but great condition with only about 1.4k miles miles on them. I'm selling as I plan to sell/trade my bike very soon. I'm starting to return my bike to 100% stock thinking a trade may be more realistic than an outright sale. Look for other stuff I have listed as well.

Rider seat = 'Standard' seat height, non-heated model
Passenger = only one height available, non-heated model

From Wunderlich's website:
Rider Seat Standard Height

  • Standard Seat Height for the R1200 GS & R1250 GS
  • -20 mm seat height for the R1250 GS Adventure & R1200 GS Adventure

Passenger Seat

  • Standard seat height

I have Zelle or PayPal available.
  • Brand: Wunderlich
  • Rider seat Part No.: 42720402
  • Passenger seat Part No.: 42720502
  • Desc: One(1) set, Black color
  • Qty: 1 set
  • Condition: Used, great condition showing actual condition in HD photos, ships in original Wunderlich shipping box
  • New price: Rider seat $649.95 and Passenger seat $568.95 + shipping. That's just over $1200 for both seats!
I will separate ONLY if I sell the passenger seat first. There is a much smaller market for the pass seat by itself. Priced as a set for now and will update is pass seat sells first.

$840 shipped or pick up locally in Knoxville, TN area
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can you tell me if the rider seat tends to tip you forward?
I'm trying to find a seat for my 2021 GSA..... I have sergeants on it right now - (for the rider ) front on high setting back on low... big improvement from stock but the search continues....
Did you have this "problem" ever ?
Best Regards, Paul

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Hey Paul - so no, the seat doesn't push you forward at all. That's specifically why I bought the seat as well. That plus the cooler seat surface over a normal seat. I'd estimate the cooling effect to be true but not night/day true. Just a little less hot.

I was running my stock seat high in front & low in rear to keep from getting the dreaded 'butt up' riding style. I'm not really an aftermarket seat guy unless it's needed. I felt it was needed to level me out and I had a chance to sit on a Wunderlich seat locally that I thought fit very well so I bought them. I think that's the common theme.....that BMW stock seats push you forward. Lotta threads on that phenomenon. The dip in the rider seat actually favors a neutral position with the BMW adjusters either both high or both low.
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