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gear for nomad life

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I've spent about 3 years living out of a backpack on my GS. Basically has been a seasonal migration to the PNW for the summers and then back to the southwest for the winters. I've ridden in mid 30s and snow up to 105F. I've had the Klim Latitude since I've started. It has been great but what I've found is that it gets toasty at about 70F.

I'm thinking about 2 options. First, a separate set of summer gear. I could possibly store my winter gear somewhere and use it for that part of the year. Second, some kind of better layering option. Maybe that would entail separate rain gear.

Any suggestions are appreciated. There are a lot of options now and I'm ok with spending more for something that fits my needs and is durable.
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I find my Klim Induction works well on it's own from about 16C/65F. By adding the Zephyr windshell plus the Maverick Down jacket under it I can start my day considerably cooler than that and peel off layers as the day progresses.

I also have a Knox Urbane Pro that is possibly the ultimate hot weather layer that offers protection. It also keep the armour exactly where I want it as it is a base layer. Then I can play around with the outer jacket depending on the weather. Even the Latitude jacket would pack considerably more compactly if the armour was removed.
I think layers is your best bet with that range of temps. As a day rider I have 3 sets of gear to cover 40F to 100F, storing a set is a good option you mention but could get caught in some weather without it.

One option to think about, I have an Alpinestars Bionic Suit I wear in hot weather with a motocross jersey. If I needed to I could add layers on top for any weather. Something to think about regarding challenges dealing with armor across all the temps.
AeroStich Darien jacket and pants worked well for me on every ride I've been on. I'm no nomad but I have traveled for weeks at a time in 20f to 120f Rain or shine and with layers they just work.
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