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Do you know it is possible to ride a motorcycle all the way to the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon? Well it is because we did it but if I just came out and told you how, then everybody would do it and then SOMEBODY would do something to mess it up. So, instead of doing that, I'm just going to give you a few hints and if you can figure it out, then good on you.

This is a real "PEACH" of a ride, a real "DIAMOND" in the rough. In order to do the ride legally, you are going to have to get a permit from the Hualapai tribe at the visitors desk at the hotel in __________ ________. A lot depends on how your carry yourself here because sometimes they will give you one and sometimes they say they don't allow motorcycles to go down that road. Sort of depends on who is on duty that day. DO NOT TRY TO GO DOWN THE ROAD WITHOUT A PERMIT! Anyway, if you are nice and they are in a good mood, you might get one. Take a picnic lunch and maybe even camping gear and enjoy the Grand Canyon!

Dakar Dag


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