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Hi Everyone,

I guess I was a good boy this year, as Santa seems to have turned up to my place with a new (to me) 2013 GS.

I'm currently 56 with 37 years of riding behind me on many wonderful machines, I just haven't decided which one I want to keep when I grow up :grin2:

I have a history of sports / sport naked and sports tourers since "back in the day" but as bits of my body break and drop off with age it's become desirable to sit a little more upright, I still like to turn a corner every now and then, so my only brief cruiser affair with a tarty Boulevard was a complete disaster. :surprise:

My 1050 Tiger is my day to day commuter, but I managed to pick up the GS for quite a reasonable price so I will be keen to see how well we get along and if a truly lasting relationship forms. 0:)

I look forward to catching up with people on this forum and learning a little more about my journey along the way. :smile2:

Cheers, Keith


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