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Hello from Texas!

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I wanted to give a shout and 'hello' from the Texas Panhandle, Canyon, TX, to be precise (just south of Amarillo). My avatar shows my current bike, a 2012 BMW K1600GT, but in two days that will be changing as I'm planning to ride to Albuquerque, NM, to see my good friends at Sandia BMW to pick up a 2017 R1200GS Adventure.
I have enjoyed my BMW experience over the past four years, but my knees are telling me that they aren't enjoying being folded up as much as what the K-bike is doing! So jumping back into the ADV scene (I previously rode a Yamaha Super Tenere 1200) and staying with Motorrad!
Once the bike is in my possession, I will update my avatar and signature. Until then, I'm going to enjoy picking up all the information I can regarding the care and upkeep of these beasts. And if this community is anything like the K1600 forum, there is a LOT of good knowledge to be shared. Looking forward to it!
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Welcome and I look forward to seeing pics of the GS when you get a chance.
Wednesday is the plan. Assuming it looks as good in person as in pics, and rides as it should! Nothing like a 280 mile ride to get a feel for things.
Welcome & Good luck with the purchase!!
Be sure to post pics…
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Here it is!! Took a day off work, yesterday, to ride 600 miles round trip and bring it home....

2017 R1200GS Adventure
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Nice bike, and I’m sure you had an awesome ride home.
I had planned to spend 90 minutes at the dealership and be on the road home by 1:30p. However, despite my having my financing lined up and ready to go, we hit a snag (big snag, actually) and I ended up being there four hours! So didn't start for home until 4:15 MT (and the start of ABQ evening traffic!). So got home at 10:15p. First time I've ridden after dark in years, but the lights on this bike are incredible (both the headlamp and the driving lights.). Once the temps dipped into the 50s, I turned the heated grips and enjoyed the warmth. Only 'nit' I have is WHY CAN'T BMW ILLUMINATE THE SWITCH CLUSTERS?? (yes, I'm yelling this). Unfamiliar bike....riding after dark...more than once I went to either flick the high beam or check my range and inadvertantly hit 'resume' on the cruise control (and the bike takes off quickly!). Other than that, what a machine! So many similarities to my K1600GT, but in some ways its so much better.
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Congrats, welcome and a prayer for your best rides to come.
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