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High quality roundel replacement

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Had the insides of both of the OEM side badges fall off the bike within a month of buying it. Seems BMW uses a wax like adhesive to put the roundels into the back plastic that is then attached to the side panels.

Just couldn't bring myself to pay $75 a side to replace them with the same defective part.

The guy selling custom CNC parts for older BMW bikes toastertan.com, has custom made roundels
made with the old school enamel process for $23 a pop. They are an almost exact, higher quality replica
of the factory emblem. Even sitting next to an original, the new ones are almost impossible to distinguish.
They are the 70mm size.

They do not have the locating pins on the back and you need to add your own adhesive to them, but they
should last forever.

I used some 3M 4952 tape, specifically made for plastic to attach them to the polypropylene side panels of the bike, a 2012 GSA.

Only trick is aligning them rotationally. I used the lettering under the missing roundel to mark out
vertical lines onto some painters tape for matching the alignment. The bottom picture shows the new roundel on the lower panel and the OEM roundel on the top panel.

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