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My wife and I just returned from this heavenly place. Rode for two weeks on Royal Enfield Himalayans and although they may not be a BMW, they are an amazing workhorse and are so at home in this environment.
The Nubra Valley, Sarchu and Pangong Lake are without doubt some of the most spectacular locations on earth. Add motorcycles into the mix and you can easily start to believe you found nirvana.

Not for the faint of heart though. This can quickly change from a peaceful ride to one that can hurt or even kill you.
Ride to the conditions, your skill level and be mindful of those around you. :wink2:
Nice to know. I did the route in 2009 in a 4wd and then in 2012 and the most recent in 2016 on a RE Himalayan. On the RE a different experience altogether. Looking forward to 2019 on my GSA.

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