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Buddy dropped off his ABS pump off an R1150GS and wanted me to make a jumper and cover for the brain so he can can perform a servoectomy The jump is the same for Hexheads.

8" section of 3/16" brake line
Bubble flare tool ($19 at Harbor Freight)
Misc sockets as bending mandrels

Cut brake line to 8" and clean up and square the ends (as good as possible) Bend into a U shape around something about 1-1/2" diameter


Slip on the 1st brake fitting and bubble flare it.


Repeat on the second side. Remember top put the fitting on before you flare it.


Both sides flared and ready for some counter bends


Put one end in the brake fitting jumper and counter bend is 20 degrees or so


Repeat the second side


Re-bend it around you 1-1/2" mandrel to close up the gap between fittings now try and fit the threaded sections together. It will take more bending and fine adjusting but go slow and in a few minutes both threads will fit. Snug them up and then true up the jumper if it is bent or twisted.


For the brain lid I used a piece of cutting board and scarfed out one area that was proud of the castings. I bored out re-drilled and tap the 4 threads to accommodate M6 machine screws i had laying around. I didn't feel like driving to the store to fine M4 machine screws.

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